• The Impressive Reputation Nate D. Sanders Was Hard-Earned

  • Posted on January 17, 2019
  • Nate D. Sanders Auctions was originally founded in Baltimore, Maryland in 1986 as "Nate's Autographs." Even back then, the focus of the firm was on Hollywood. One reason Nate D. Sanders’ business grew rather quickly is because he was keen on building his reputation from the very beginning. Early on, he sold all sorts of signed photographs and other memorabilia. To gain clients, he mailed a glossy catalog to a relatively exclusive clientele.

    Nate D. Sanders Auctions grew, and these days, can boast of a strong reputation as an excellent auction house. They are now located in Los Angeles, California, and they deal in all types of memorabilia, including autographed items having to do with Hollywood, as well as, rare books, fine art and other collectibles. Over the decades since he started, his company has done millions of dollars in business. These days, many larger auction catalogs are distributed every year to a client base that reaches around the globe. Moreover, their reputation is such that they regularly conduct private sales for many of their best clients, who obviously trust Nate D. Sanders' reputation enough to help them acquire many of the rarest and most expensive collectibles in the world.

    For example, Nate D. Sanders Auctions’ reputation was strong enough to entrust them with conducting an auction of rare Hollywood memorabilia that fetched thousands of dollars. More recently, their owners trusted Nate D. Sanders’ reputation enough to allow him to auction of the iconic white t-shirt worn by the late Hollywood legend James Dean in the classic movie, "Rebel Without a Cause,” as well as the iconic shotgun wielded by Hollywood star Steve McQueen in another classic film, "The Magnificent Seven.”

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